and Telemedicine

The COVID Pandemic has brought about rapid and sweeping changes in delivering medical treatment, and patients may find it difficult to access medical care and MAT during the outbreak.

Using Telemedicine, MYMATCLINIC is helping make appointments for new and existing patients safe, easy and convenient.

Using Telemedicine for appointments, whenever possible, greatly benefits patients, health care practitioners and society at large by substantially diminishing the risk of COVID transmission.

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Apps To Aid Recovery

MYMATCLINIC is proud to be the first MAT clinic in Orange County to offer patients reSET® or reSET-O® mobile apps to aid in their recovery from drugs and alcohol. These FDA Authorized mobile apps have been clinically proven to improve outcomes when used in combination with MAT. Recovery is a round-the-clock struggle and these apps provide 24/7 access to therapy, helping people feel more connected in the moments that matter most. 

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